Artificial Whistle Blower (E)

Corruption is a Crime of Calculation, not Passion.“ (Klitgaard, 1996)


The damages of private and public corruption are tremendously high. Whistle Blowing as a precondition to uncover and reveal corruption is not efficient because of the high implicit or explicit costs for the Whistle Blowers. Artificial intelligence acting as an Artificial Whistle Blower can considerably contribute to reveal and control corruption without outing an individual as a Whistle Blower and punishing them with high costs. The thesis is therefore: Artificial intelligence can substitute the Whistle Blowing function against corruption. This also implies that artificial intelligence, which is mostly seen as the bogeyman destroying human labor, can be efficiently employed complementary and not substitutive to human capital where humans cannot work successfully. The objective of “integrity-art” is to contribute to the development of efficient Artificial Whistle Blowing.


What is Artificial Whistle Blowing?
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Artificial Whistle Blower: What is it all about?
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