Dr. Gerhard Foerster, born 1944.


1965ff: Computer science at the University of Applied Sciences, Constance. Systems analyst and computer programmer.


1972ff: Economics at the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg. Academic research. Courses in monetary theory and monetary policy.  PhD in economics.


1981ff: Strategy consultancy concerning securities back-office, custody, clearing & settlement, payment-systems for banks and clearing-institutions in Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, New York, London, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Italy and France, as well as trading systems for exchanges and broker/dealer in Germany and Switzerland.


Developments of product innovations and strategies for risk management in the banking sector, forecast-systems based on methods of artificial intelligence, in particular text mining including „Top Management Fraud” in public companies as well as basic approaches to forecast systemic financial risks like the subprime crisis 2008.


2011ff: Freelancer: Scientific essays on integrity and corruption in the economic theory.




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