The objective of „integrity-art“ is to discuss the positive economic category “integrity” in the context of economic theory. According to Jensen (2009) nothing works without integrity. Doing this it is a matter of looking at the integrity of persons, organizations, groups and companies on the one side and integrity of objects, technical, social and economic systems on the other side. According to Jensen integrity implies compliance with the ethics of a respective group, the moral of a respective society and the legality of a respective sovereign area. Integrity means: Give your word and keep your word. If you cannot keep your word inform everybody who is concerned in time and make up for the damage you created. By doing this you honor your word and keep your integrity despite having broken your word. According to Jensen integrity is not a cost factor but heightens performance through new opportunities. It shows: Corruption is the “worst case” of missing integrity; legitimacy is the “best case” of existing integrity


Economic Dimensions of Integrity
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